Suffolk Free Company : Tudor - Essex Trained Bande

Our other main period of interest is the 16th Century and whilst many of us can portray people throughout the 1500s, on the whole we prefer the late Elizabethan age 1570-1603. The clothes by now are quite different to the 15th Century and weaponry has changed significantly.
Many of the Suffolks met at Kentwell Hall, the home of Tudor Recreations in England and it is here that we have developed our fascination for the period. Many reenactment groups have their roots in warfare and it is easy to see how some of the biggest groups have developed as they focus on key points in English history with significant battles in England. One thing the Tudors were quite successful at was mainly fighting their wars over seas, or at sea. The 16th century was also what we describe as a transitional period, warfare changes from bow and bill to pike and shot making the period harder to define in look. This has meant that the Tudor period has become somewhat of a niche period to recreate, which for us is definitely one of its main appeals.
We spend a good deal of time researching the life and times of people in Elizabethan England.

We can represent folk from different levels of society, from poor working men and women to wealthy land owners, gentlemen and ladies. (We don't portray royalty, there just aren't enough of us)

In the late 16th century the responsibility for raising a fighting force fell on each county and the Trained Band system was introduced. When in a military role we often can be found as a Trained Band of Essex, Essex Trained Bands soldiers were usually issued with blue cassacks (coats) to go over their own clothes.

There is far more to life than swords and guns (Shame) and the SFC  love to bring Tudor sites to life, with the sights, sounds, and smells of the time. We have provided households for houses and garrisons for castles. Many of the Suffolks are skilled craftsmen and women and can often be found carrying out their trades in our encampments. (Find out more on the Domestic Life page)

We live our life as people of the time, working, eating,dancing singing and fighting and much, much more.
The Suffolks' Tudors enjoy recreating life in the 16th century and we travel all over the country to do so. Two of our favourite events were Spain Attacks! @ Pendennis Castle in Cornwall. And Tudor Life & Times @ Kenilworth Castle in Warwickshire. Have a look at the events in more detail.
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