Suffolk Free Company : Firepower

Many of the Suffolks are licensed gun owners. We have a growing collection of period gonnes, and can demonstrate over 150 years of firepower. We have small pieces like Bess' 15th Century arquebus 'Bean' through to our late 16th century Robinette swivel gun 'Jezebel'. These weapons are used in arena Firepower displays and dramatic skirmishes.
Along with firing our own weapons we have also supplied gun crews to serve larger ordnance like the Sakers of Pendennis Castle.

Like all aspects of the periods we recreate we try to be as accurate as we can be with the use of these weapons (although we do do some things differently for safety's sake). As part of our Living HIstory displays we make our own cartridges for the larger guns, and cast balls of different calibres for the pieces we use. (our displays do not include the shooting of bullets or ball)

Guns are not just boy's toys, the ladies like to play too. In the 15th century gunnery was often a skill kept within families even if that meant the women learned all about the weapons. We use guns in our pirate displays and there were a number of celebrated female pirates who were reknowned for being scarier than their male counterparts, pretty much the same is true of the SFC.

To see more images of the Suffolks' guns in action click on the Pendennis Saker below.
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