Suffolk Free Company : Medieval - The De la Poles

The Suffolks can often be found in the 15th century, usually in the period known at the time as the 'Cousins' War' now more commonly known as the War Of The Roses.

When the Suffolks take the field in the 15th Century we usually do it in the guise of the De La Pole Retinue. Depending on the date and event we will either fighting for John de La Pole, 2nd Duke of Suffolk, Brother in Law to Edward iv and Richard III, or John De La Pole, the Earl of Lincoln, nephew to the king and named heir of Richard III.  This definitely makes us Yorkists.

We spend a good deal of time researching the life and times of people in 15th century England.

We can represent folk from different levels of society, from poor working men and women to wealthy land owners, gentlemen and ladies. (We don't portray royalty, there just aren't enough of us)

When we  started the SFC the original members were all lowly archers, now we can field a variety of soldiers from heavily armoured Men At Arms to those archers. The Suffolks fight in the Blue and Yellow of the De La Pole family arms and wear the leopards and lion of the Duke. For more images of the Suffolks arrayed for war go through the gateway that Sir Anthony stands within.

The War of the Roses lasted more than 30 years, yet there were only 13 major battles, so there was much more to life than bows and pollaxes. The day to day life is just as important to us the SFC  love to bring medieval sites to life, with the sights, sounds, and smells of the time. We have provided households for houses and garrisons for castles. Many of the Suffolks are skilled craftsmen and women and can often be found carrying out their trades in our encampments. (Find out more on the Domestic Life page)

We live our life as people of the time, working, eating,dancing singing and fighting and much, much more.
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