Suffolk Free Company :Kenilworth Castle- Tudor Life & Times

  May Bank Bank Holiday weekend 2013, The Suffolks were to be found at Kenilworth Castle, Warwickshire, one of the best Tudor locations in all of England. It was 1593 and we were supplying the household of Sir Christopher Conningham, a cousin of Sir Robert Dudley, and custodian of Kenilworth. During the day, visitors were able to follow the homecoming of Sir Christopher's elder son, and the ensuing argument that occured between father and his two sons. Edward, the elder son, had been disowned by his father several years before, he now had returned from Ireland and demanded he be reinstated in his family position. Jacob the younger son was understandably put out by this idea.

During the day there were sword fighting and firepower displays, music and dance, Living History throughout the castle. Our kitchen prepared food for both Sir Christopher and his household, which was served in Leicester's Gatehouse and the soldiers and their families encamped in the castle grounds.

In the afternoon the argument between Sir Christopher's sons, Edward and Jacob, escalated into a deadly sword fight fought on the viewing gallery of the Elizabethan garden. The skirmish in the garden was great fun an eight man fight, involving, cut and thrust swords, bucklers, knives, cloaks and even quarter staffs.  The whole thing came to a crashing end with Edward being shot right between the eyes by Sir Christopher's housekeeper.


                          The Suffolk Free Company had an oustanding time at one of the best locations possible. We can't wait to go back to Kenilworth - look out for us there in 2014, hopefully. To see a selection of photos from the Kenilworth event, please click on the encampment above.

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