Suffolk Free Company : Domestic Life

Let's face it, throughout history people have spent far more time getting on with life than fighting wars, and so do the Suffolk Free Company. Every day life is what we specialise in. Whether in the 15th, 16th or 19th centuries, how people got on and lived their lives is fascinating. All of us can draw comparisons to today; how work has changed, what we eat, where our clothes come from, how much you earn, what you believe, how you address someone, the list is endless.

The SFC try to portray many aspects of life at our events. We always have a period kitchen. Which provides all forms of fayre, from the basic foods of the common person to dishes for the most wealthy, depending of course where we are and what we are portraying.

The image on the left is our Tudor kitchen at Kenilworth Castle, where our team of cooks provided food for the keeper of the castle and his family and common soldiers.
    The members of the Suffolk Free Company have developed many skills and interests from the periods we research. It is not enough for us to just wear the clothes, or talk about life in the past. It is important that we understand the past by understanding how people lived their lives, how they produced the every day items they used and what it was like to use them.

Amongst our company we have; fletchers, smiths, felters, spinners, joiners, tailors, cooks, bowyers, an alchemist,  a barber surgeon, dairy maids, washerwomen, brewers, cordwainers, leather workers, skinners, scriveners, musicians, an armourer, Brigandine makers, and a whole host of tavern dwellers. (The list is almost endless) We can be both rich or poor and anywhere in between.

Most of these activities can happen within our historical encampment, with work stations in period tents and under work shelters. When given the chance we prefer to work within historical buildings, bringing them to life and restoring the activities they may have seen centuries before. To see more images of Living History crafts click on the gate that Broad Tom and Mirabel are chatting over, or click here
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