Suffolk Free Company :Pendennis Castle - Spain Attacks

   In the last week of May the Suffolk Free Company went en masse to deepest Cornwall and took possesion of Pendennis Castle. Now many groups have done reenacments at Pendennis, but the Suffolks are the first group  to live in the castle itself and bring this wonderful Henrican Gun Fort back to life. We provided the garrison for the castle and their families. On the upper deck  you could find Sir John Killigrew, the Governor of Pendennis, and some of his family, on the lower deck the garrison soldiers and their families.

During the day there were sword fighting and firepower displays, music and dance, Living History throughout the castle. Then in the afternoon the Suffolks provided both sides for the Siege of Pendennis. It was 1593 and the crew of the Spanish ship Del Monte attacked the castle to try and capture the infamous pirate Sir John Killigrew.

We had great fun with the siege, it was a not a particularly serious affair. The Spanish led by their Captain Don Pedro Montoya, armed with his 1588 edition Spanish Armada Phrase Book, were able to take the chemise of the castle but the stout hearted English men (and women) were able to hold out, until the cavalry could save the day.

                          The Suffolk Free Company had an oustanding time at one of the best locations possible. We can't wait to go back to Pendennis - look out for us there in August 2014. To see a selection of photos from the Pendennis event, please click on the group photo above. Click Spain Attacks to watch a video of the skirmishes at Pendennis.

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